Why Does My Xbox Keep Disconnecting From the Internet (5 Methods to Fix)

If your Xbox keeps disconnecting from the internet, you are not alone, as numerous users have reported the same. Nevertheless, the issue can be very annoying during gaming sessions.

Depending on your particular scenario, the reasons may vary. It can be a subpar router or a faulty configuration. Either way, let’s dive deep to find out why your Xbox keeps disconnecting from the internet and how to fix it.

Why Does My Xbox Keep Disconnecting From the Internet

Why Does Your Xbox Keeps Getting Disconnected?

Normally, Xbox users face internet issues due to their unreliable network connection. But that’s not all. Below, we’ve discussed some other possible reasons for this issue.

The Xbox Live Server

You may experience occasional downtime from the Xbox one server. Some of them are scheduled maintenance, whereas others could be completely arbitrary and unanticipated. If you have previously been able to log on to Xbox Live even without issues, before you begin troubleshooting your network equipment or console, ensure that you double-check to see if there is currently an interruption or malfunction with Xbox Live.

Faulty Console

Maybe your console is to blame. The Xbox’s performance could suffer due to a flaw in either its software or its hardware. Hardware failure may be prompted by the destruction of internal parts, which could be the reason why the device is not capable of keeping internet access. 

Unreliable Internet

Many users don’t realize this, but your average internet speed package, although can be enough for scrolling through social media, isn’t nearly enough for gaming. You need a good reliable internet connection with good speed and lower latency to enjoy your Xbox gaming sessions.

Distance and Interferences

Wi-Fi signal degrades over distance. Also, it degrades with the number of interferences in the room. So if your Wi-Fi router is too far away from the Xbox, or there are too many interferences along the way, your Xbox will have a hard time staying connected to the internet.

How to Fix Xbox Keep Disconnecting From the Internet

Below we’ve prepared a list of the most viable solutions that can help you stop your Xbox from getting disconnected.

Restart the Router

It goes without saying that you should restart the router first. Sometimes that’s all you need. Restarting the router gives it a chance to refresh all the connections and allocate new IPs to all the devices connected. So, it’s definitely worth a try.

Shift to 2.4 GHz

Although 5GHz offers better signal strength, it lacks range. So, if you are using your Xbox with a Wi-Fi set to 5GHz only, consider switching to 2.4GHz. With increased range, it’s possible that your disconnecting issue goes away.

Use a Wired Ethernet Connection

As Wi-Fi signal degrades over distance faster than ethernet signal, it’s always recommended to use a wired connection for gaming. So, use an ethernet cable to connect your Xbox to your router. Not only it can solve your disconnecting issue, but it will also improve your gaming experience by lowering the latency to a great extent. 

Restart the Xbox

It’s possible that restarting the Xbox will fix any connection issues you’re having. You need to press and hold the Xbox’s power button until the light that is located behind it goes out in order to do this task. It may take about 5 seconds. The console will power down at this point. Now, simply disconnect the power cord from your Xbox once it has finished shutting down, and then wait two minutes. After reconnecting all of the cords, turn the Xbox’s power back on

Use Better Internet Equipment

If using an ethernet cable is not an option for you, you can use better internet equipment to improve the reliability of your internet connection. Use a better-quality Wi-Fi router. You can also use a Wi-Fi repeater or a line router to extend your Wi-Fi range for a more reliable internet connection to your Xbox. 

Clear the Alternate MAC Address

Navigate to Settings> Network Settings > Advanced Settings > Alternate MAC Address. Then select Clear. Afterward, restart your Xbox. This will establish a new MAC and should fix your disconnecting issue.


To keep your Xbox from losing its connection to the Wi-Fi network, you can take a few different measures. Make sure that there aren’t any obstacles between your Xbox and your modem and that they are both at a reasonable distance from one another. Changing the router’s channel is another possibility. Interference and blockages, networking issues, and faulty or mismatched router or modem software are just a few of the many causes for an Xbox not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. 

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