Why Does My Roku Keep Disconnecting From the Internet? | 2 Methods to Fix

There are several reasons why a Roku might disconnect. Either your network has too many devices connected, your router is out-of-date, or your hardware is broken. Additionally, the other electronics in your home 

Why Does My Roku Keep Disconnecting From the Internet

Reasons Behind Why My Roku Keeps Disconnecting From the Internet?

While streaming your favorite shows on your Roku TV, there is a fair chance that you will be slammed with a problematic scenario. That is, your Roku TV keeps disconnecting from the internet. Even after reconnecting, the problem might persist and soon it becomes frustrating.

For the Roku player and Roku TV to function properly, users must have access to their home Wi-Fi network. Here are some of the probable reasons why your Roku keeps disconnecting.

1. Faulty Wi-Fi Setup

A bad network connection is the most recurring occurrence that many Roku devices experience. You can experience issues with your Roku internet connection if your internet connection is slow or if your internet equipment is malfunctioning.

If your router is configured incorrectly or if any other devices are blocking the Roku device’s access, it won’t be able to connect to other devices.

2. Different IP Addresses

Roku’s architecture is dependent on the IP address that your router allows to each device on your network. Your router’s IP address may have changed if you’re experiencing connectivity or streaming issues.

3. Software Bug

If your router is alright, you might be able to use another method to identify the issue and resolve it. The “Auto Connect” feature is available on the Roku device in its settings. However, only when the gadget is connected to a power source does it function.

This function prevents you from having your Roku TV connect to Wi-Fi automatically if you discover that it keeps doing so. In that case, Roku’s software may have bugs.

4. Outdated Software

Your device’s software could be the source of the issue. Only if you are still using an outdated version that is not compatible with the most recent upgrade will it appear. Additionally, you might experience some connectivity and streaming troubles with your Roku device if you are using a version below 5.1.

5. Number of Router Users

Depending on the router you’re using, you can have up to a certain number of connections active at once. The majority of routers only allow up to six connections.

When your device needs more speed, it will disconnect if there are more connected devices than the router can support. However, the problem still exists if another device prevents new connections from being made. That explains why your Roku occasionally keeps disconnecting.

How to Fix the Roku Disconnection Issue

This is a problem that can be solved by implementing some simple methods. Stick along to know more of the details.

Method 1: System Restart

It’s not as tough as it may seem to reset a Roku. Despite the advanced technologies, jump-starting a device usually just takes a few seconds. 

Step 1: Go to Settings

Navigate to settings by opening the menu. When you find it, press “OK” on the remote.

Step 2: Find Systems

Scroll down to find and select the “System” option. For each command, press the same “OK” button.

Step 3: Select the “Power” Option

Once you are in “System”, you will see the third option “Power”. Hit “OK” on it.

Step 4: System Restart

Once more, scroll down until you see “System Restart” and press your command key. The next time you are asked, confirm.

When you are ready, click “Restart,” and the gadget will shut down. Then, it ought to turn back on.

Step 5: Wait a Few Minutes

Be prepared to wait while the Roku reboots for two or three minutes. If it takes more than five minutes, there might be a greater issue.

Method 2: Power Restart

As your Roku uses modern technologies, it occasionally may need to be reset to get updates from the server. However, frequently needing to restart your smartphone might be annoying.

Step 1: Turn the TV Off Manually

Locate the power button on your TV at the back. Press it to turn the TV off manually.

Step 2: Unplug the TV From the Wall Socket

Once the TV has shut down, you have to unplug it from the wall socket.

Step 3: Long Press the Power Button

Go back to the power button behind the TV and press it for 30 secs.

Step 4: Plug the TV In

Wait 1 min before plugging back the tv into the wall socket. Avoid plugging it into a power bar. Instead, plug it directly into the wall.

Step 5: Turn the TV On

Once done, turn the TV on using the power button on the TV, not the remote.

Why Does My Roku Keep Losing Wi-Fi Connection

You can view movies and TV shows on Roku whenever you want, which is a terrific gadget. In contrast, without the internet, it is just a dumb box. Because of this, you are unable to use the TV when Roku repeatedly loses connection to the internet.

Your W-iFi modem, an internet outage, or app issues could be to blame for Roku TV’s persistent internet disconnections. In these situations, restarting your modem and Roku device should resolve the issue. You might need to examine your home network and increase the Wi-Fi strength if it is a network issue.

How Do You Keep a Roku Connected to the Internet

You can keep a Roku connected to the internet by enabling “Fast TV Start”. Here is how you can do that:

  • On your Roku TV remote, press the Home button.
  • Select Settings by scrolling up or down.
  • choose System, then choose Power.
  • Choose Quick TV Start.
  • Check the box next to Enable “Fast TV Start” to make it active.


It can be annoying to deal with a streaming player that is continually disconnecting. However, there are several techniques to check the connection before troubleshooting the issue. You must learn how Roku functions and then try to reset it. If that does not work, get in touch with the manufacturer for more detailed support.

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