How to Fix Slow YouTube Loading? [6 Fixes]

More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s about 1.5 million video clips per minute. This alone shows how popular YouTube still is. But this article isn’t about how popular it is, it’s about what you can do when you experience lag, slowdown, or choppiness on YouTube.

If you are certain that your internet connection isn’t the issue, then do to following to get rid of that annoying YouTube buffering.

My YouTube Is Slow but Internet Is Fast

How to Fix YouTube Slow to Load?

Here’s how to fix slow YouTube video loading. Work your way down until you’ve found a solution that works for you. 

1. Update the YouTube App or Browser

If you are experiencing slow YouTube loading on your mobile app, check if there’s any update available for the app in the App Store or the Play Store. And if you are on a computer, check for any internet browser update manually. Always stay up to date in terms of software versions, even if you aren’t facing any issues.

2. Check Internet Issues

Sometimes your own connection can be the cause of this issue. The most obvious signs of a poor or problematic connection would be bandwidth-intensive activities like file downloads and high-quality video buffering. To – check your internet speed, do the following:

  • Go to the browser.
  • Type fast.com in the URL bar and go for it.
  • The testing will then be finished in a few seconds. You may view the test’s results once it is complete. Such as:

In many cases, restarting your router will solve the issue, particularly if it’s an older model or you haven’t restarted it for a long time. To restart your router –

  • First, unplug the power cable
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Now, plug it back in. 

Also make sure that you have proper speed to watch YouTube in HD. Generally, you need 10-15mbps of speed to enjoy HD-quality YouTube without buffering.

3. Clear Browser Cache Data

In most cases, a massive amount of cache in your browser can cause YouTube to load slowly, especially if you haven’t cleared the cache for a long time. Clear the cache in your browser to improve your viewing experience and YouTube loading time. If you’re using it on a smartphone then you can access the browser’s history records and clean the cache. Here’s how to clear the browser cache:

  • Open the browser.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Find out the Clear browsing data and Clear browsing cache option in the Browser history section. 

4. Adjust Video Quality

The higher the video resolution is, the more resources you need to play it smoothly. This doesn’t include internet speed only; it includes your memory and processing power as well. It’s especially true if you are trying to play a 4k YouTube video on older hardware.

So, adjust the video quality accordingly. Our recommendation is to stick with 720p at 60fps, as this provides enough clarity and smoothness without being too stressful to your hardware or the internet.

5. Use a VPN to Connect to YouTube

Although most ISPs boost up YouTube speed, it maybe the opposite for you. So, trying a VPN is worth a shot. Simply download a free VPN client and connect to a server. Then try loading YouTube to see if there’s a difference.

A paid VPN should always work better, but try out a free one before committing as purchasing a VPN can be quite costly.

6. Block YouTube Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Usually, YouTube videos are played from CDN servers to reduce loading time and improve speed and reliability. Unfortunately, your ISP can slow down CDNs. So, try blocking the CDN to fix the issue.

  • Go to the Search bar and search for cmd.
  • Click on Command Prompt from the result.
  • Now, write this command in the prompt:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”Hello” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

  • The connection from the ISP to the mentioned IP Address of CDNs will be prohibited as soon as you press Enter, adding the preceding rule to the firewall.
  • If you want to return to the default settings, use the following command:

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”Hello”

  • The rule will be eliminated. The rule name can be changed to whatever you want.
  • To save changes, shut the command prompt and restart your computer after completing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my YouTube suddenly so slow?

A sudden slowdown can indicate a drop in internet speed or YouTube downtime (which is usually rare). Contact your ISP to get it checked.

How can I tell if my internet is being throttled?

You can tell if your internet is throttling by checking these signs: slowdown in download speed, unreliable connection, not being able to access some sites, longer buffering time, etc.

Final Words 

So, this is it. Here, you can find all the related and relevant information to overcome the slow internet on YouTube and hopefully you find this article favorable. Try one by one if the previous method gets fail.

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