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Coax or coaxial cables are specialized cables made for transmitting data. You might know them for the cable connection used in TVs. However, they are used for radio and internet signals as well. But since different application needs different types of coax cable, identifying them can get very confusing.

So, to identify which coax cable is for TV and which one is for the Internet, you need to look at the label. If it’s marked RG-8 or RG-58, it’s for the internet. To learn more on how to find the label, continue reading below.

How to Tell Which Coax Cable Is for Internet

How to Identify Internet Coax Cable

As all coax cables look nearly identical from the outside, here’s how to check which one is for what by looking at the labels. Typically, you’ll find the labels marked on the cable sleeve.

  • The labels are marked multiple times on the cable, so if you don’t see one, keep looking.
  • If it’s an old and used cable, wipe it clean with a wet cloth.
  • Coax cables are protected with outer sleeves, so you won’t get shocked by holding or cleaning them with a damp cloth.

Found the label? So, if its RG-6, 8, or 58, the coax cable is for the internet. here’s what they mean, if you are interested. 

RG-6: The RG-6 cable is capable of handling 75 ohms of current. The wire measures 18 AWG. It’s the most commonly used coax cable for cable TV, satellite TV, and the Internet.

RG-8: The RG-8 cable is capable of handling 50 ohms of current. The wire measures 12 AWG. It’s best suited for long distance data transmission. It was once used as ethernet but now it’s been replaced by CAT cables.

RG-58: The RG-58 cable is capable of handling 75 ohms of current. The wire measures 20 AWG. Best for short distance data transmission. It offers better interference protection. 

Best Coax Cable for Internet Connection?

The thicker coaxial cables are the finest to utilize for internet connections. To ensure excellent and effective signal transfer while avoiding interference from outside sources.

Although all three of them can handle the internet just fine, our recommendation is to get the RG-6. It has better insulation. So, it offers better interference protection with higher data transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will any coax cable work for the internet?

No, you can’t. You need to use the coax cable designed for an internet connection. However, most coax cables used for the TV cable connections, are also suited for the internet. 

Can I plug my router into any coax?

Yes, you can, if the coax outlet has a working internet signal. Otherwise, no.

How many Mbps is coaxial?

Coax can go anywhere from 50 to 1000 Mbps. So, you can easily match the speed of optical fiber using coax.


Hopefully, by now you’ve got the hang of how to identify which coax cable is for the internet. typically, any coax cable used in your household, for TV or radio signals (but not for security cameras) is capable of handling the internet. however, if you are making a new connection from scratch, we recommend getting the RG-6. 

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