How to Set Up Internet Without Coaxial Cable | Six Effective Methods

In the past, most homes came with a coaxial outlet. You just had to connect a coax cable to the outlet and boom, you would be connected to the internet. However, nowadays, they don’t.

So, how to set up the internet without a coaxial cable? Well, you just use an alternative like ethernet or fiber optic box to set up the internet. Read on to find out all the alternatives that you can use to set up the internet without a coaxial cable.

How to Set Up Internet Without Coaxial Cable

How to Set Up an Internet Connection Without Coaxial Cable?

Here are some popular and widely-available alternatives for setting up the internet without using a coax cable or coax outlet.

4G/5G WIFI Routers

Most career services sell 4G and 5G enabled modems and Wi-Fi routers these days. They offer Wi-Fi solutions without the need of setting up any cables. Also known as pocket hotspots, these devices utilize a SIM card to provide an internet connection.

Aside from needing no installation, you can carry these devices anywhere you go, providing you with an all-in-one internet solution.

Use Mobile Hotspots

4G and 5G enabled phones offer enough speed nowadays to cover all your internet needs. So, if getting a separate hotspot box isn’t in your budget, you can opt for using your mobile as a hotspot. The downside is, you are going to need an unlimited data plan.

Also, using mobile hotspot can heat up your device quite fast, so it will degrade your phone’s battery over time.

Fiber Optic Connection

In recent years, fiver optics have become vastly popular. It uses fiber glass to transmit signal. In fact, it is a more reliable and faster solution for connectivity than traditional coaxial cables. Contact an ISP that provides fiber optics connection to come and inspect your home. 

The downside is that installation can be a bit costly and time-consuming. 

Ethernet Connection

Ethernet cables are another feasible option to the coax cable for installing a home network and Internet access. Ethernet wires most closely represent coaxial cables, although Ethernet services are typically quicker and more dependable.

Ethernet wires are now a better long-term item than cables since the former is becoming obsolete while the latter is here to stay. Just like fiber connections, you need to contact an ISP that provides ethernet connection, in order to get a new connection.

However, ethernet connections can be a bit slower compared to fiber connections, while still being significantly faster than coaxial connections.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is another popular connectivity option that’s growing fast in popularity, especially with ISPs like Starlink and Viasat. In a satellite connection, your router receives the internet signal from a satellite dish. It’s a great option especially for people living in the countryside or remote areas.

The only downside here is that there’s limited flexibility because you need to have your satellite dish sitting at a fixed spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fiber better than coax?

Yes, because fiber uses light to transmit data. As light is faster than anything else known to men, fiber connections offer a significantly better bandwidth than coax.

Is coaxial faster than DSL?

Yes, coaxial is faster and more reliable than DSL connections.


Internet connection without coaxial is possible and it’s actually better. For a more reliable and faster connection, we recommend fiber connection. However, if you need mobility, then go with a hotspot box. Thanks for reading. 

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