How Long Does It Take to Get Internet Installed? – Explained

Are you transferring suppliers, moving, or getting internet installed for the first time? Lead times for installations vary depending on a variety of factors, including your preferred provider, whether a new phone line is required, and where you live. Regardless of your motivation for changing network operators, installation times for broadband internet vary based on the provider you select, if a new landline phone line needs to be set up, and where you live.

This page will provide you with all the information you need to get connected, including what to anticipate from the procedure, how long it might take in your particular case, which companies are best for installing fast broadband, as well as what occurs when broadband is installed while COVID lockdown is in effect.

How Long does it Take to Get Internet Installed

What to Anticipate While Installing the Internet?

Although there are a variety of issues that can postpone broadband setup, the average time for internet installation with any operator is two weeks. The procedure for installing a fixed-line connection is the same regardless of the internet service provider you select:

  • You’ll be offered a tentative installation date after signing your contract.
  • Your provider will give you a period slot along with a confirmation of your approximate installation date.
  • Your engineer will show up on the designated day to complete the work. He or she might inquire as to the location of the entrance to your residence and may have tasks to complete both inside and outside your house.
  • Your home will probably have a box installed inside of it to link it to the network.
  • Your technician will examine your new line of communication and connect your new router (this may arrive in advance, or come with your engineer on the day).
  • After your broadband has been installed, you will be asked to confirm that everything is operational before signing the contract. Wait until you are certain that everything is in order before doing this.

No matter which type of media you choose—standard, fiber, or any other—the procedure is the same.

Why Does It Take Time to Get Internet Installation Waiting

Although every telco and home will differ, we have provided a timeline for the installation of your new connection in this guide.

1. NBN Connection Times

Most providers predict ten days to establish a new connection, although this may vary based on your technology type. This is considering that your location is NBN-ready at the point of order. Although each type is linked to the network, some use more copper or rely on wireless or satellite connections. It is significant to note that the Abbott administration chose your technology type for you, rather than letting you choose it. Don’t forget to include an onion with your gratitude.

The NBN itself is responsible before the time that internet service companies are accountable for connecting your residence to the NBN technology equipment. The number of active NBN technicians who are available at the moment will determine how long you will have to wait.

2. Times for Wireless Home Connections

Home wireless simply connects you to the internet by using the current mobile networks, as opposed to internet access that relies on cable.

Since the foundation is already in place, setting up a wireless broadband connection just requires the time it takes to receive your modem, unpack it, and plug it into a wall outlet. The same applies whether the wireless home connection is 4G or 5G. When the modem joins your preferred network, you can start browsing the web right away.

3. Mobile Broadband Connection Times

Similar to how home wireless operates, mobile broadband operates similarly. Since you’re joining an established network, all you need to do is plug your SIM card into our modem and charge it. There ought to be zero downtime.

Mobile internet is the go-to technique if you need to connect quickly and are in a hurry. Even if the data limitations aren’t exactly huge, the majority of plans let you cancel your contract if you pay for your modem or dongle in full.

4. Other Internet Connection Kinds and Times

Since these private sectors are more specialized, there may be a reduced demand for specialists, thus you could be able to have someone to you sooner than with regular providers. Connection times for such technologies vary widely depending on the supplier.


It is common for anyone to change the internet provider or set up a new internet connection at their premise. The time to get the internet installed may vary concerning different conditions. In this article, the variations are described briefly. We hope, this article was helpful to you.

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