[8 Fixes] Hatch Restore Not Connecting to WiFi

Undoubtedly, the Hatch Restore is an excellent bedside device that offers you to personalize your sleep schedule and ensure that you have a sound sleep. But things become so irritating when your Hatch all of a sudden isn’t connecting to your WiFi.

Among the possible reasons behind this problem; inaccurate router configuration, weak WiFi signal, and app bugs are worth mentioning. To fix this issue, the most important thing to do is to ensure that your router and Hatch are in good condition.

As we’re going to provide you with the relevant solutions, stay with this post till the end. So, without wasting time, let’s get into them.

Hatch Restore Not Connecting to WiFi

Why Is the Hatch Restore Not Connecting to the WiFi?

We’ve already mentioned the most common causes that are to blame to occur this issue. Also, there are some other rare causes such as –

  • The WiFi password is incompatible.
  • The Hatch isn’t properly plugged in.
  • The Hatch gets defective. 

These are the overall reasons. It doesn’t matter which one is to blame for your condition. Applying the solutions will definitely help you to overcome this phase. 

Solutions for Connecting the Hatch Restore to the WiFi

Here’re the solutions for connecting your Hatch to your WiFi. Apply them one by one until the issue gets completely fixed. 

Sol 1: Update Router Credentials

For your information, most modern devices face issues while accepting special characters. The Hatch Restore is perhaps no exception. If your router credentials (name, password) consist of any special character, it’ll be wise to update them by removing them. For better results, keep only alphabets and numbers. 

Sol 2: Lower the Distance

The weak signal of WiFi can be the culprit behind this issue. When there are several wireless devices connected to the same WiFi network, and on the contrary, your WiFi signal is weak; it’ll ultimately lead to connection failure. So, you should lower the distance between the router and the Hatch. 

Therefore, keep the Hatch within twenty feet of your router and temporarily, disconnect other connected devices from the network. Once the Hatch is connected to the network, connect the others again.

Sol 3: Power Cycle the Hatch 

In some cases, the Hatch fails to connect to WiFi as there are some bug issues. But it can easily be fixed by power cycling your device. All you need to do is power off your Hatch for 3-5 minutes and then power it on again. This delay is to ensure a superb response. 

Sol 4: Reboot the Router

Rebooting your router is another excellent option to solve network issues. You can simply reboot your router through the configurations.

Step 1: Go to your preferred browser.

Step 2: Get into the router admin portal.

Step 3: Now, in the router settings, locate the reboot option and go for it.

After reboot, connect your phone to the network and link your Hatch device.

Sol 5: Keep the Hatch Restore App Up to Date

Most Hatch Restore users claim that this connectivity failure issue arises when the app isn’t the latest version. Therefore, it’s highly suggested to update your Hatch Restore app. After updating, try again to connect your Hatch device to the WiFi using the app.

Sol 6: Ensure the Hatch is Firmly Connected

The fact is when your Hatch isn’t properly plugged in, it appears offline on the Hatch app. That time even if you try a lot, you can’t connect the device to your WiFi. Therefore, ensure that the power cord is firmly connected to the Hatch device and powering it.

Sol 7: Factory Reset the Hatch

If the issue still persists, it’s high time to try resetting your Hatch to its factory settings. This way, all data regarding the Hatch will get erased, and now it should connect to the network.

If your Hatch still is unable to connect to your WiFi, try another network. If the result is the same, unfortunately, your device is defective.

Sol 8: Contact Customer Support

If your Hatch is defective, you can’t do much but contact customer support. As you’re not responsible for such hardware issues, the dealer should replace your Hatch with a new one. 

You just call them and explain the condition and ask them for verifying the Hatch at your place. They’ll take it from you and provide you with a fine one after the verification is done.

Bonus Tips

In some cases, parental controls or high-end firewall security cause this problem by blocking interactions with Hatch servers. So, it’ll be worth trying to check the router’s documentation to know the way you can resolve the Hatch from such restrictions. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can I connect my hatch restore to WiFi?

It’s a pretty simple task. First, open the Hatch Restore app. Then tap the settings icon. Next, select your Restore. Now, under Network, choose Update Wi-Fi and follow the given instructions.

Does Hatch use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

Basically, the Hatch Restore connects to your smartphone using WiFi instead of Bluetooth. As the Bluetooth coverage isn’t sufficient for long-range, the WiFi does the job perfectly. Using WiFi allows one who is out of Bluetooth range or needs to connect to the Hatch while away from home.

Can I use my Hatch device without the app?

Yes, you can. Hatch Restore allows you to use it manually without using the app. But the app makes Hatch usage more convenient. 


So far, we’ve shared all the prominent solutions to connect your Hatch Restore to your WiFi network. They’ll surely solve the problem and get you out of it. Just follow the given instructions as instructed. For more queries, feel free to knock us. 

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