GoPro Wi-Fi Not Ready (How to Solve)

The “GoPro Wi-Fi Not Ready” message shows up when your GoPro camera is unable to connect to your mobile device or the Wi-FI. Most of the time, a simple update manually or via the GoPro Quik app can solve such a problem.

Another way to address this issue is to reset the Wi-Fi on your GoPro camera.

In this article, you will find step-by-step fixes so that you never have to see this kind of message again.

GoPro Wi-Fi Not Ready

How to Fix GoPro WiFi Not Ready Issue

While trying to update your GoPro camera, you will almost certainly have to connect it to your mobile device. However, attempting to pair the camera to your phone might result in a display message of “wifi not ready try again later”. 

You might think that this is the only way to update your camera and start feeling hopeless. However, there is no reason for you to fret as there are other methods as well. This article will dive deep into the details and alleviate your worries.

Fixing Methods to Update GoPro Camera

There are two ways to update your GoPro camera. They are discussed below.

Method 1: Through the Phone App

You can easily update your GoPro camera via a phone app called “GoPro Quik”. However, the recommendation here is that you must have a cleanly formatted SD card in your camera before anything.

Step 1: Download GoPro Quik

Download and install GoPro Quik on Apple App Store if the operating system is OS and Google Play Store if you have an Android device. Before starting, make sure that your camera is fully charged. 

Step 2: Connect Your Camera to the Mobile

Pair your mobile device with GoPro Quik. You can do that by simply touching the icon at the top right icon in your phone.

Step 3: Update the Camera

Once you are done pairing, the GoPro Quik app will prompt saying that a camera update is available. Press “Update” on your mobile screen to initiate the update.

Method 2: Manual Update

The second option for you is to manually update the GoPro camera.

Try manually reinstalling the camera’s firmware if you have not already. This will help fix any issues with the existing software setup. Even if the camera already has the newest firmware installed, manually reinstalling the camera’s firmware update can help resolve any problems with the current software configuration.

To do this, you must insert the SD card into an SD card reader and then into a PC or a Mac. The firmware upgrade files must then be manually downloaded to the SD card before being inserted back into your camera. Adhere to the manual update procedures in this article:

Step 1: Gather the Tools

Make sure your GoPro camera is powered off and has at least 50% battery charge. Otherwise, the camera won’t have the adequate power required to complete the update.

Step 2: Get the Serial Number

You can find the serial number of your GoPro camera in two ways. The first one is to go to the “Preference” menu of the camera and then “About”. Next, go to “Camera Info” and you will find the serial number there.

Another way is to check the battery compartment. You will see a printed sticker that will show the serial number.

Step 3: Download the Update Manually

Head to the GoPro website. Follow this link: Gopro.com/update.

Once you are at the website, select the model of your camera and select “Update Camera Manually”.

Finally, you have to put the camera info and download the update which will be in a “Zip” file.

Step 4: Connect Micro SD to Computer

Use a USB adapter, a USB-C adapter, a USB-C hub, and an SD card adapter. Then, connect the micro SD to your computer.

Step 5: Transfer the Update File to Your MicroSD Card

Go to the File Explorer window and open “Downloads”. Locate the downloaded zip file and unzip it. The unzipped folder will be named “Update”. Finally, send the extracted file to the microSD card.

Step 6: Start the Camera

Finally, eject the microSD card from your computer and insert it into your GoPro camera. Also, insert the battery back into the camera.

Step 7: Run the Camera

Power on the camera and it will automatically run the update. Allow the device to complete the process. In the meanwhile, it will turn off and on several times. Once the rear LCD prompts to show you the language selection screen, you are done.

Why Is My Gopro Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Your GoPro camera might not be connecting to a Wi-Fi router due to the accumulated cache over time from GoPro Quik. It might very well be the reason for the obstruction to normally connecting the device to Wi-Fi.

If you are using an Android device, go to the settings menu and select “Applications”. Delete the GoPro Quik’s cache. Afterward, restart the app after killing it. Soon enough, Wi-Fi on your GoPro camera should be turned on and off. Finally, turn the camera back on.

How Do I Reset the Wi-Fi on My Gopro Hero 10

The “Wi-Fi Not Ready” error may most frequently be fixed by factory resetting your GoPro. The steps to factory reset your GoPro are listed below.

  • To turn on your camera, press “Mode” on the side of the device.
  • Swipe right, then down, then tap “Preferences”.
  • Click “Factory Reset” after scrolling down to “Reset”.
  • Your settings are reset, your connections are cleared, and the camera is deleted from your GoPro Cloud account after a factory reset. To proceed, click the red-highlighted “Reset” button.
  • You’ll see “Resetting” and in the meantime, your camera will power off and on continuously.
  • Wait a while after removing the battery.
  • Put the battery back in and turn the camera back on.
  • Continue the pairing procedure.

How Do I Put My Gopro on Wi-Fi Mode?

You can put your GoPro on Wi-Fi mode by going to the notification menu. Then scroll down and swipe to “Connections”. There you will find the option “Wireless Connections”. Turn it on and your GoPro camera will be in Wi-Fi mode.


Regardless of whichever model of GoPro camera you own, coming across the message saying “Wi-Fi Not Ready” is common. The fixes are pretty simple as well as described in this article. You either update or factory reset the camera to tackle such a message. If these do not resolve the issue, try contacting the manufacturer.

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