[7 Fixes] AT&T Wi-Fi Connected No Internet Access

You are connected to your AT&T Wi-Fi but have no internet access because of a service outage or maintenance, billing problems, or hardware issues. You can know and solve the problem by checking the gateway status light. If you paid the bill for your account, a simple solution to solve this problem is to restart the gateway. 

AT&T Wi-Fi Connected No Internet Access

AT&T Status Light Colors

Different color of the gateway status light indicates different causes. You can find out easily by the color of the light. The meanings of the colors are described below:

1. Solid Green

The solid green status light indicates there is nothing wrong with the connection.  That indicates your internet is working well.

2. Flashing Green

It means your device is not powered up completely. It is still processing to set up a new connection.

3. Flashing Yellow

The flashing yellow status light means that the device is powered up but not properly functioning or there is no internet.

4. Solid Red 

The solid red status light indicates that no internet signal is transmitted to your device. 

5. Flashing Red

It indicates that your device can detect the signal but can not establish the connection or link.

6. No Light Flashing

It indicates that the problem can be in the hardware or other device of your gateway.

Ways to Fix AT&T Wi-Fi Connected but No Internet Access Issue

Some causes and fixes are described:

1. Check for Maintenance

This problem occurs due to maintenance. This is the first thing you need to do. You can visit ‘AT&T eRepair website’ to check for maintenance in your area.

2.  Restart Your AT&T Gateway or Modem

If you are facing a hardware issue, restarting your gateway can solve the problem. Follow the process:

  1. Unplug the modem from the power supply and remove the internal bAT&Tery backup (if any).
  2. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds. 
  3. Put the bAT&Tery back and plug in the modem. 
  4. Wait for the modem to restart.

Now check the AT&T gateway status light. If the light is solid green then your problem is solved.

3. Restart Your Computer

If restarting the gateway does not solve your problem, you can try to restart your computer. Because it is important to restart your computer after using a long time to increase its performance.

4. Check Your Connections

This problem occurs due to loose connections or defects in cables. You need to check all the physical connections including ethernet cables, router cables, gateway power cables, computer PSU, etc. you can reconnect all the physical connections.

5. Check for Viruses or Malware

If your computer is affected by viruses this problem can happen. The virus can generate network traffic without your knowledge. As a result, your internet became slow or shows no internet access. The best choice is to install an antivirus. 

6. Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Data

You need to clear your cache and data to solve this problem. It will free space on your drive and give more temporary storage space for web content. 

7. Change the Location of Your AT&T Gateway

As the distance and obstructions can interfere a lot with your internet signal you need to change the location of the gateway. Place the gateway at the central location of your house. Keep the wireless gateway away from the devices like baby monitors, microwave ovens, and cordless telephones that can interfere with the signal.

If your problem is not solved, contact customer service, and they will provide troubleshooting and work to solve your problem.


In this article, we have discussed the AT&T Wi-Fi gateway. The reason your device is showing connected with the Wi-Fi but there is no internet access. The gateway status light colors are very helpful to find the specific problem. We have also discussed the processes to solve the problem.  

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